Cemetery Maps

Click on a Map to open  a larger size map in a new window.

See Cemetery Map Usage Notes at the bottom of this page for a guide to using the maps.


Overview Map

StMaryOverview.jpg (24362 bytes)

 Section 6 Map

StMarySCSec6.jpg (32574 bytes)

 Section 7 Map

StMarySCSec7.jpg (34837 bytes)

Section 8 North Map

StMarySCSec8n.jpg (32689 bytes)

Section 8 South Map

StMarySCSec8s.jpg (28821 bytes)

Section 9 North Map

StMarySCSec9n.jpg (24536 bytes)

Section 9 South Map

StMarySCSec9s.jpg (26217 bytes)

Section 11 Map

StMarySCSec11.jpg (36442 bytes)

Section 12 Map

StMarySCSec12.jpg (30402 bytes)

Section 14 Map

StMarySCSec14.jpg (18984 bytes)


Cemetery Maps Usage Notes
General Usage

Maps are organized by Cemetery Section. The first map is an Overview Map of all of the Sections in the Cemetery. Note that Cemetery entrance is at the southern end of the Cemetery and the back of the cemetery is at the northern end. 

Clicking on a map will open it in a new window on your computer. The Maps are PDF (Portable Document Format) format files and require that Adobe Acrobat reader be installed on your computer. Most computers have Adobe Reader already installed.  If Acrobat is not installed on your computer go to www.Adobe.com and download and install the free Acrobat Reader program.

Using Acrobat Reader you can do the following:

a. Using the icons provided with Adobe PDF Reader you can zoom in and out of the maps.

b. The Maps may be printed from Acrobat PDF Reader on your printer.

c. You may also save the Map File(s) on your computer or certain cell phones from within Acrobat Reader.

Finding a Lot

You can find Cemetery Section and Lot Numbers in the Genealogy listings  If you are trying to locate a particular Cemetery lot, it is suggested that you print the Overview Map and the Map for the Section that contains the lot.

Use the magnetic indicator on the individual maps to orient yourself to the geographic orientation of the individual maps.

Advanced Usage

Although Adobe Acrobat PDF reader allows you to ZOOM in and out on a Map, it does not allow you to print the zoomed in result. 

There are several methods of accomplishing this on a Windows computer:

1. You can print a zoomed in map by pressing the "Print Screen" key after you are zoomed in to the degree you want in Acrobat Reader.  Then open another program such as Microsoft Word, or a photo-editing program and paste the screen image into a new document.  You can then print the image using that program's print function.

2. Another method is to use the free photo-editing program from Google called Picasa.   To capture a zoomed in map, make sure that you have started Picasa, then zoom in on the Map with Acrobat Reader.  Then press the "Print Screen"  key.    This will put the zoomed image in a folder named "Screen Captures" in Picasa.  You can then print the image easily from Picasa.

3. On some directly connected printers, pressing the "Print Screen" key will cause the screen image to print.